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William S. Burroughs workshop, Jack Kerouac Conference - Part 1

Published July 23, 1982

First half of a workshop with William S. Burroughs comparing his works to those of Jack Kerouac, discussing their writing techniques. Burroughs provides biographical information on where the two met and their relationship. He also discusses what it means to be a writer and how many people are not writers even though they claim to be and have published work. Burroughs responds to questions about his relationship with Kerouac, dreams, and his own literary influences. This workshop took place during the 1982 Jack Kerouac Conference at the Naropa Institute.(Continues on 82p267B.) Keywords: beat movement, history of beat movement, 20th century literature

Run time 1:00:31
Label / Recorded by Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics


Reviewer: beartafari - - January 24, 2009
Subject: :-)
This is awesome!
Reviewer: DUSTIN2BOOKISH - - December 8, 2007
Subject: their writing techniques
Beyond reproach and above criticism,This audio version of Kerouac and Burroughs writing techniques gives you the feeling that you are revealing a top secret level 4 clearance document..This audio should be heard by every inspired writer and reader.
Reviewer: derekb - - July 11, 2006
Subject: first review
A really terrific audio. Burroughs is entertaining and insightful, as always. The one reason I didn't give this four stars is because of the question and answer period. The people asking the questions aren't mic'd. However, given Burroughs's answers, I don't think the questions were that evocative. I wish he'd talked longer.
Reviewer: Blank - - September 9, 2005
Subject: WSB files another report
1:00: A writer writes
5:00: K sets up WSB with a Trust Fund? No Burroughs millions?
8:00: Writing marks a man- any writing is totally revealing (if you know how to read).
13:00: What is a writer actually doing? Making the reader aware of what they know and doesn't know he knows.
20:00: First version=best? Worked for K, not WSB
28:00: Comparison of Gatsby and OTR
31:00: Alcoholism and the writer (writing in a state of stress)
31:30: Do you use a word processor?
32:20: Seeing in images as opposed to words. How do you conjure up these images?
32:45: What the hell was THAT question? Love is a mixture between sex and liking.
32:30: Why didn't you publish XXXXX?
34:00: Why are we seeing more of you lately?
34:30: Joyce/K influence?
35:00: K wsb influence direction?
35:40: Writer needs time?
37:00: Cutup process?
More questions, hard to hear. WSB responses snappy.
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